The Beach Club
Common Questions

Below are frequently asked questions concerning our program.  If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact Bryan McDermand at


Q: How does the program work?

A: To maximize education and participant activity, we will maintain a low player/instructor ratio (max. 10 players/instructor).  We’ll start each day with a warm-up; then break into separate groups focusing on specific skills.  Our drills will involve mechanical development of the athletes; and through game simulations, they’ll learn the proper court positioning and underlying strategies of sand doubles.  We’ll take periodic breaks to ensure adequate rest and re-hydration.

As the program progresses, group drills will be supplemented with individual evaluations and instruction.  This will enable us to adjust the drills to meet individual needs, thus maximizing a player’s overall development. 

Our coaching staff is comprised of talented athletes that have played volleyball at the collegiate and/or professional level.  They possess a wealth of experience and knowledge, along with strong communication skills, that will enhance the skill development of our players. 


Whether one is a Division I prospect or brand new to the sport, every player that participates in our program will gain mental toughness, enhanced strength and an advanced skill set.



Q: Where will the practices be held?

A: This summer we will be training at Four Lakes in Lisle, utilizing the 4 northernmost courts.

The address is
5750 Lakeside Drive, Lisle IL 60532.

Q: When will the practices be held?


A: Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-12pm.  Our program will start Monday June 11th and run through Wednesday, August 1st.   (We will not have practice the week of July 4th.   Instead, we will run an optional queen of the beach tourney.)

Q: What happens if there is bad weather?


A: We will practice if it rains.  However, if there is lightning in the area or the rain compromises the integrity of the courts or instruction, we will cancel that day’s practice.  We will have 2 potential make-up dates the week following the last scheduled practice (Monday 8/6 through Wednesday 8/8).


Q: What if  I am affiliated with another club and wish to play with their beach program?


A: That’s fine.  While we train the athletes in the same competitive atmosphere, we do not require them to represent us when competing at tournaments.  Our training is focused solely on player development.  Club affiliation is irrelevant.


Q: Can we determine which tournaments to play in?


A: Absolutely.  While we are affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union (anyone who joins our program who is not a member of the AAU will receive a membership), you may enter any tournament you desire.  We will provide a schedule of juniors tournaments in the area, as well as registration instructions.  


Q: Do I need to sign up for your program with a partner?


A: No.  If you want, you can sign up with a partner.  But players can sign up individually and still get the same experience.  Should someone need a player for a tournament, we will assist in finding a suitable partner.

Q: What is the cost?


A: $395 per player.

Q: What should we bring to practices? 


A: All court/training equipment is provided by us.  And there is a water fountain on the premises.  However, we highly recommend you bring the following:

* An ample supply of bottled water
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* A towel

* Sand Socks


 AAU Membership
Only $14
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